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Sclerotherapy is the current gold standard of treatment for leg thread veins. For a number of reasons leg thread veins do not always respond well to laser treatment (quite the opposite to facial thread veins).

Sclerotherapy is not a new treatment, having been used extensively internationally for most of the 20th century. You receive injections with a very fine needle into the spider veins of the legs.

What is it?

Following injection of the thread veins their inside walls become sticky and actually adhere obliterating the vein. The vein is rendered useless and over the course of weeks and months the body’s natural turnover removes the redundant vein – it disappears.


  • Leg thread veins


The technique of sclerotherapy has been used widely in Western Europe for 70-80 years. In the early days of the NHS it was quite readily available even for leg thread veins, but not in recent years with banning of cosmetic treatments on the NHS. Similar techniques are still in use in the NHS for injecting haemorrhoids (‘piles’).

Serious side effects are rare. Severe allergic reactions (anaphylactic shock) have been rarely reported, but you probably stand a greater chance of such a reaction eating a peanut or following a wasp sting. Deep vein thrombosis is theoretically possible but by comparison this is far more likely to happen with long distance travel or just being pregnant.

The injection you receive is with such a fine needle that any discomfort (if any) is minimal. Unwanted effects include some initial redness and swelling at the injection site but this typically settles within 24 hours. It is possible for a tiny ulcer to develop at an injection site and this would heal with a small scar – in experienced hands this risk is very remote . This is kept in perspective when thinking of traditional varicose vein surgery and its guaranteed risk of scarring.

The Client’s Experience

At the first and every visit you will be seen by a doctor.

At the first visit you are asked about your medical history and your objectives. You may have fixed ideas about which treatment you want or have no idea what is best, but at you will always be in the driving seat. You can choose your treatment after a thorough discussion of all the best options. As above, in leg thread veins sclerotherapy is the gold standard of treatment. Thus sclerotherapy is usually what you want as long as your leg thread veins are suitable (i.e. not too small for injection).

With you lying comfortably on a couch, the doctor will examine you carefully under an illuminated magnifying lamp to assist with accurate injection technique. Sclerotherapy is a skill acquired through experience, and results will relate closely to the skill of your doctor. Make sure your doctor has treated many people over years before you proceed!

The treatment usually takes around 20 minutes but it depends on the extent of the problem.

As above you should expect some redness and/ or swelling at the injection sites, but this settles in a day or two. Several treatment sessions are required, generally 4-8 for most people. Each treatment is best done 8 weeks apart. Whilst it could safely been done at shorter intervals than this, it does not usually speed up the results because time is wasted re-injecting previously injected veins that will go in time but have not yet disappeared.


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Results vary from little improvement to dramatic improvement depending on the individual case. At  following your consultation you will be given an honest appraisal of what results you can expect, and how many treatment sessions you may need. This allows you to decide for yourself whether you wish to proceed.


  1. Quick lunch time procedure
  2. The current gold standard world wide for leg thread vein treatment
  3. Minimal or no discomfort
  4. Very effective in well selected patients
  5. Excellent safety record going back 80 years


  1. Redness and/or swelling at some injection sites (like mosquito bites)
  2. Other very rare unwanted effects as above under safety

The Future?

Results of sclerotherapy are generally permanent. It is highly unlikely that old veins come back but new veins, that would have come anyway, could appear following sclerotherapy.


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