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Younger faces
Younger faces
Younger faces Younger faces


A great deal has been written and said about Botox in recent years, much of it misleading sensationalism in the lay media. It is not altogether surprising that it has attracted such attention because Botox alone has transformed the non-surgical cosmetic industry.

In cases of severe armpit sweating where standard remedies have failed, Botox offers dramatic results. It also lasts longer than in wrinkle treatment, typically 6-9 months. This means sufferers can usually get through the difficult summer months with one treatment per year.

What is it?

Botox is a naturally occurring protein derived from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum which lives in the soil. This protein is able to block nerve transmission where the nerve meets the muscle. It can only block a limited number of nerve impulses depending entirely on the dose of protein used.
The blockade is always temporary.


Botox usage in humans since the early 1980’s has shown extremely good long-term safety. Please see the section on wrinkles for further information.

The Client’s Experience

At the first and every visit you will be seen by a doctor.

At the first visit you are asked about your medical history to check that Botox would be safe and advisable for you.

If after a full discussion you decide Botox would be right for you, the doctor will devise and record a treatment plan aiming to achieve your goals. You will be asked to make yourself comfortable on a treatment couch. One armpit is treated at a time, and this is usually most comfortable with you having one hand under your head. The area is cleansed by the doctor and he or she may carry out an iodine/starch test to help identify the main sweat gland areas.

Botox is placed by injection, using a needle that is very much finer than a blood taking needle – whilst there is discomfort few would say it is actually painful. It is sited into the upper layers of your skin where the sweat glands are located. Botox temporarily blocks the stimulation of these sweat glands. The whole process takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Afterwards you are free to go about your normal business without special precautions.


  1. Frequently impressive results (e.g. 90% reduction in sweat volumes)
  2. Extremely safe with no long term ill effects in more than 20 years human use
  3. Quick lunch time procedure
  4. Far fewer side-effects than surgical options
  5. Lasts 6-9 months thus covering the difficult summer months in one treatment


Hard to find any

The Future

Botox’s effects will last 6-9 months in excessive sweating. It is never permanent even after many years of repeated use, but its duration can be lengthened if desired. Your doctor will be happy to explain how to get the most out of botox, and help it to last longer if desired.

As above its long term safety record is excellent. Very few drugs indeed have such a clean long-term safety record.


£450 one armpit, £690 both sides