Younger faces Younger faces
Younger faces

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Younger faces
Younger faces
Younger faces Younger faces


A great deal has been written and said about Botox in recent years, much of it misleading sensationalism in the lay media. It is not altogether surprising that it has attracted such attention because Botox alone has transformed the non-surgical cosmetic industry. It has shown people that fantastic results can be achieved without having to resort to the surgeon’s knife.

The Client’s Experience

At the first and every visit you will be seen by a doctor.

At the first visit you are asked about your medical history and your own goals. At you will always be in control: you can choose your treatment after a thorough discussion of all the best options.

If after discussion you decide Botox would be best for you, the doctor will devise and record a treatment plan aiming to achieve your goals. Botox is placed by injection, using a needle that is very much finer than a blood taking needle – whilst there is discomfort few would say it is actually painful. Furthermore, at we use the Carruthers injection technique (named after the founder of cosmetic Botox Dr Alistair Carruthers). This technique achieves the same results with fewer injections and is often noted by patients to cause less discomfort than other commonly used techniques. The precise Botox doses, the careful location, a thorough and intimate appreciation of facial anatomy plus clinical experience, all serve to provide optimal results as well as the least chance of unwanted effects.

What is it?

Botox is a naturally occurring protein derived from a bacterium which lives in the soil. This protein is able to block nerve transmission where the nerve meets the muscle. It can only block a limited number of nerve impulses depending entirely on the dose of protein used. The blockade is always temporary.


Human use in the 1980’s in cases of cerebral palsy used Botox in muscles much larger than facial muscles. Doses ten times greater than cosmetic doses have been used repeatedly in patients over many years without ill effect - in fact for more than 20 years. It is thus very reassuring indeed to know that many years use of Botox in humans at ten times cosmetic doses has shown excellent long-term safety. By comparison ten times the recommended daily intake of water would be potentially life threatening. This helps to show the importance of dose. Even with something as harmless as water, ten times the average daily intake of water is far more dangerous than ten times the cosmetic dose of Botox!


Facial wrinkles, especially upper face, sometimes in combination with other treatments. In skilled and experienced hands Botox may be used in the lower face and neck. It is also highly effective for embarrassing excessive sweating.

  1. Glabella (vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows)
  2. Forehead
  3. Crow’s feet (outside the eyes)
  4. Lower eyelids in carefully selected cases
  5. ‘Bunny wrinkles’ (sides of nose)
  6. Lipstick or smoker’s lines (vertical lines at edge of lips)
  7. Downward sloping mouth (‘ twenty past eight mouth’)
  8. Bobbly chin
  9. Horizontal neck lines
  10. Platysmal bands (‘turkey neck’)
  11. Excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) – see separate web page


Patient 1 - Neck
botox   botox
Patient 2 - Forehead
botox   botox
Patient 3 - Forehead
botox   botox
Patient 4 - Crows feet
botox   botox


  1. Frequently impressive results, producing compliments without observers identifying how the younger look was achieved
  2. Extremely safe with no long term ill effects in more than 20 years human use
  3. Quick lunch time procedure (sometimes for repeat clients just 10 minutes)
  4. Inexpensive when compared with other treatments like plastic surgery
  5. Can improve chronic headaches in many sufferers


Unwanted effects include the effects of any injection: you have a 1:5 chance of bruising (up to 5 p coin size) which can easily be covered with make up, and a 1:10 chance of headache. You have a 1:100 chance of a 1-2 mm lowering of an eyelid but this will correct itself without treatment within a couple of weeks, or straightaway with simple eye drops readily available from your local pharmacy.

The Future

Botox’s effects will last 3-6 months. It is never permanent even after many years of repeated use, but its duration can be lengthened if desired by maintaining control over the wrinkling muscles. Your doctor will be happy to explain how to get the most out of botox, and help it to last longer if desired.

As above its long term safety record is excellent. Very few drugs indeed have such a clean long-term safety record, especially when considering cosmetic doses are one tenth the strength of typically administered medical doses.


£200 for one area e.g. between eyebrows
£299 for two areas e.g. between eyebrows + forehead
£399 for three areas e.g. between eyebrows, forehead, and Crow’s feet
£50 for each subsequent area
(except horizontal neck lines – from £90)